Support Utilities
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Key Features

bulletHandles quick rebuilding of index files
bulletCaptures and saves any errors

The Support Utilities Package is a group of approximately 17 programs that allow the user to perform certain occasional support functions on a quick and relatively simple basis. Normally, these utilities are used only when there seems to be a problem with the operation of the system.

Main Package Features:

Allows display of the program error log by time period or by "all" for quick problem reference.

Allows printing of the program error log for documentation purposes.

Allows rebuilding of user specified index files.

Allows visual inspection of user specified index and data files for data integrity.

Allows system printer maintenance by adding or deleting printers without program modification.

Allows maintenance of physical and logical data files thus allowing files to be expanded easily.

Allows verification of user specified index files to insure proper synchronization with their respective index files.