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Key Features

bulletHandles daily, weekly, bi-monthly, monthly, quarterly and yearly pay periods
bulletHandles hourly and salaried pay types
bulletUnlimited user defined special earnings and deduction code

The Payroll Package is designed to insure accuracy and thorough-ness in the preparation of a company's payroll and facilitate meeting mandatory government reporting requirements.  The Payroll System offers management the necessary information to control and monitor the burdensome expenditure of payroll.

Main Package Features:

Employee Master File Entry, Inquiry and Adjustment

Pay period processing, including employee selection, hours entry, computations, and reports

Handles daily, weekly, bi-monthly, monthly, quarterly and yearly pay periods

Handles hourly and salaried pay types

Calculates gross pay, taxes and voluntary deductions

Tax reporting to the federal, state and local levels

Allows Federal, State and City tax table maintenance

Provision for handling multiple states (withholding module for one state is included)

Allows automatic generation of "standard" pay transactions for all employees

Voided check entry and accounting

Manual check entry and accounting

Data Retrieval on a current, quarterly, or year-to-date basis

Employee benefits accrual and accounting

Unlimited user defined special earnings and deduction codes

Year end payroll close-out

Integrates with General Ledger


Employee Listing (numeric and alphabetic)

Employee Deductions Listing

Payroll Worksheet

Payroll Time Register

W-2 Forms

W-2 Register

Quarterly Payroll Report (941A data)

FUTA and SUTA Quarterly Reports

Payroll Register

Check Writing

Check Register

Deduction Register

Overtime and Sick Pay Report

Payroll Distribution (to General Ledger) Report

Deduction and Earning Code Listing

Payroll History Report

Employee Review Report