General Ledger
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Key Features

bulletFacilitates multi-company processing
bulletProvides for 7 digit account (4 digit main, 3 digit sub account)
bulletBudgetary and comparative Analyses are available
bulletBalance Sheet Reports, All User Defined
bulletFinancial Statements, All User Defined

The General Ledger Package provides terminal entry, inquiry and update capabilities on all master files; and supports all daily and monthly activities that affect the accounting functions.

Main Package Features:

Facilitates multi-company processing

Provides for 7 digit account numbers (4 digit main account and 3 digit sub-account)

Prints individual company or combined financial statements

Provides for up to thirteen user defined accounting periods

Provides for flexible user defined financial statement formats

Provides optional counter-balancing accounts and distribution codes for automatic generation of balancing or distribution transactions at entry time

Allows maintenance to chart of accounts

Optional automatic distribution of specified accounts to other accounts on a pre-defined percentage basis

Budgetary and Comparative analyses are available

Provides G/L account inquiry and display via screen

Integrates with Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and Payroll

Transaction Audit Listing provides General Ledger audit trail

Allows transaction detail to be kept for the entire year so that year-end detail reports may be printed

Allows manual journal entry and editing

Allows transaction file maintenance prior to updating the account balances


Trial Balance

Balance Sheet (by company or combined for all companies

Profit & Loss (by company or combined for all companies

Chart of Accounts Listing

Supporting Schedules

Source and application of Funds Reports

Changes in Financial Position

Changes in components of Working Capital

Statement of Cash Flow

Transmittal Letters

Supporting Notes

Optional Budgets or Last Year Comparatives

Year-end Detail Report