Accounts Receivable
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Key Features

bulletCustomer Master Record Includes Extensive Data
bulletBalance Forward and/or Open-Item Account
bulletAgeing Periods defined by the User
bulletCustomer Inquiries by Numerically or Alphabetically

The CDS Accounts Receivable Package offers the ability to monitor the current status of credit customers and to optionally add finance charges on past due accounts.  Detailed credit history information on each customer is available for immediate inquiry and review. The Accounts Receivable Package can run alone or can be integrated with CDS' Order Processing and/or General Ledger Packages.

Customer Master File Record Features:

Each customer master record includes extensive customer information including:

Credit information

Date of first activity

Date of most recent activity

Average days to pay

Most recent payment date and amount

Highest A/R balance attained

Current A/R balance

Credit limit

Credit status (OK, hold)

Sales information

Sales amount month-to-date and year-to-date

Cost of sales amount month-to-date and year-to-date

Sales tax information

Taxable or non-taxable account

Tax code for state, county and local sales taxes

Tax exemption number

Sales, Credit/Debit Memos Edit Listing

Daily and Monthly Sales Journal

Cash Receipts Edit Listing

Daily and Monthly Cash Receipts Journal

Aged Receivables Report (Detailed and Summary)

Statements (stock paper or preprinted forms)

Finance Charge Report

Daily and Monthly Sales Tax Report

Daily and Monthly General Ledger Distribution Report

Customer Mail Labels

Customer Sales Analysis Reports

Commissions Due Report

Master File Listings For:

Customer File (Numerically or Alphabetically)

Salesperson File

Sales Territory File

Additional Accounts Receivable Features:

Each customer may be either a "balance-forward" or an "open-item" account. Different customers in the same file may be either type of account.

Finance charges may be optionally calculated for selected customers, all customers or no customers.

Internal, confidential comments may be displayed for each customer.

Payment terms may be user defined based upon number of days or a specific day of the month (i.e. 2% 10, net 30 or 2% 10th)

Customer information may be accessed either by keying in the customer number or keying part of the customer name.

Detailed account activity may be accessed and displayed on-line for each customer, with summary ageing at the end of the display.

Sales transactions and/or credit/debit memos may be easily keyed into the system and applied to the desired customer account.

Salesperson commission information may be accumulated for each sales and/or credit/debit transaction and printed out periodically (i.e. weekly, monthly, etc.).

Multiple Users may key in sales and/or credit/debit transactions simultaneously.

All sales and credit/debit transactions may be printed and/or edited before the transactions are actually posted to the open A/R file, thereby minimizing or eliminating posting errors.

Cash receipts may be posted to customer accounts either by entering the customer number or the specific invoice number.

Multiple Users may key in cash receipts transactions simultaneously.

All cash receipt transactions may be printed and/or edited before the transactions are actually posted to the open A/R file, thereby minimizing or eliminating posting errors.

Non-A/R cash can be received.

Cash may be received as an open credit and then later posted to a specific invoice.

Sales transactions may be aged by either invoice date or by due date.

Ageing periods may be user defined (i.e., 30, 60, 90 or 15, 45, 60, etc.).

AR Statements may be printed for selected customers, all customers or no customers and with a minimum balance.

AR Statements are Laser and can be printed at anytime.

Closed invoices may optionally be retained in an invoice/payment history file and make available for inquiry and/or printout.

Monthly customer sales analysis reports may be printed.

Customer mail labels can be selected and printed within customer number range, and/or state range, and/or salesperson number range.

Users may tailor the package to their specific requirements by changing "switches" in the control file.

Accounts Receivable may be optionally interfaced to General Ledger and/or Order Processing so as to eliminate duplicate data entry.