Accounts Payable
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Key Features

bulletSupports Multiple Companies and/or Branches
bulletAbility to enter Partial Paid or Full Paid Invoices
bulletAutomatic selection of Invoices for Payment
bulletProvision for multiple Cash Accounts

The Accounts Payable Package places great emphasis on insuring thoroughness, accuracy and flexibility to the user in recording commitments of the company.  It offers management the ability to know what cash requirements the company will be faced with at any future date.

Main Package Features:

Supports alphanumeric account lookup

Supports multiple companies and/or branches (i.e., Profit Centers)

Accrual method of accounting

Ease of setting up vendor, inquiring and adjusting data contained within the system

Ease of entering, inquiring into and adjusting vendor invoices

Optional use to enter in summary description for each invoice.

Ability to inquire into vendor accounts via Screen

Ability to enter partial paid or full paid manual and prepaid checks

Automatic calculations and deductions of vendor terms discounts

Automatic generation of recurring payables (rent, etc.)

Automatic selection of invoices for payment

Ability to "hold" or defer payment on selected invoices

Provision for partial payments for computer generated check run

Optional use of  A/P Check Reconciliation

Optional use of Job Numbers

Integrates with General Ledger

Provision for multiple cash accounts


Vendor Invoice Proof Listings

Cash Requirements Report by Due Date

Cash Requirements Report By Vendor

Aged Accounts Payables Report

Accounts Payable Journal

Pre-Check Writing Report

Check Writing (Laser Checks with Optional Laser Check Signature) 

Check Register

Cash Disbursements Journal

Vendor Analysis Report

Vendor History Report

Vendor Listing