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Capability to use both labor amounts and hours in a service order/estimate, and the ability to combine parts and service in one charge to service orders/estimates and standard orders.

ESTIMATES - You may create as many Estimates as needed. They will be stored in the Add/Modify Estimates window as long as you like. Estimates are created like service orders. Parts on an estimate are not removed from inventory nor is the labor listed credited to a technician. An Estimate may be converted to a Service Order at any time. At the time of conversion, the parts listed on the Estimate are removed from inventory. If a part is not in stock, the system will inform you and will not list it on the Service Order.

FILES - Files contain the data base files: Customers, Customer Types, Vehicle Types, Vehicle Models, Sales Tax Regions and Technicians. These files are used to speed up the creation of an Estimate or Service Order. When entering data on an Estimate, Service Order or Standard Order the system looks to these files to ensure uniformity.

INVOICES - Invoices is a data base file where all invoices are stored. You may sort these Invoices either by Invoice number or by customer name. You may select to view or print the selected invoice. Ability to track invoice totals by service writer. Option to view invoice history for a particular customer with invoices sorted from last visit first. Also, can view list of services and service notes for a customer.

MAINTENANCE - Maintenance is used to set or adjust the labor rates listed on the Invoices, set or modify the Invoice number, add or edit disclaimers that appear on Estimates, Service Orders and Invoices, add or edit company slogan, adjust the hours credited to technicians and remove Invoices from the Invoice file.

REPORTS - Reports is used to print Mailing Labels or Service Reminder Letters and Invoice/Job Cost Log. (Invoice/Job Cost Log may be viewed, printed, or exported. )

SERVICE ORDERS - You may create as many Service Orders as needed. They will be stored in the Add/Modify Service Orders window until method of payment is indicated and the service order becomes a paid invoice. When creating a new service order you have the option to select and existing customer or add a new customer. All new customer and vehicle information is added right in the Add/Modify Service Orders window and can later be found in the customer file and vehicle file. Ability to specify that other work should be performed when writing a service order, and have this information be copied to the service order on customerís next visit or specified for a service reminder letter. Ability to add parts to service orders without having sufficient quantity in stock for listing purposes and a way to notify User that all parts have not been received for a service order before the order is completed. Service order Other Charges to allow an unlimited number of service order charges to be added.

SERVICE REMINDER LETTERS - Service Reminder Letters is a data base file used to create and store letters used in conjunction with the report Print Reminder Letters. You may store as many letters as you like.

STANDARD ORDERS - Standard Orders is a data base file used to create and store Standard Orders. You may want to create a standard order when a job is used over and over, i. e. , oil and filter change. A Standard Order may contain both parts and labor and is assigned a specific make and model. A standard order is created the same way as a service order. You may create as many standard orders as you like. Other charges to standard orders, which will be copied to service orders when selecting a standard order. System will save description of standard order performed so that list of services for a customer can be maintained.