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CDS believes AutoWise to be one of the best and most full featured auto repair computer packages available today.  Designed by an Auto Repair Shop, which is why it is so easy and fast to use.  AutoWise runs on an ultra reliable Linux server with Windows workstations.  Some of the features that make it the best are:

bulletA fully integrated real time system (Service, Inventory, Accountings and Maintenance).
bulletA simple and efficient windowing interface for all system functions, using point and enter selections and function keys for tasks.  There are no commands to memorize.
bulletNo arbitrary limits on the number of customers, suppliers, inventory items, etc.  You are limited only by the size of the hard disk drive on your server.
bulletAccess to system functions can be tailored for each specific user, allowing sensitive information to be password protected and confidential.
bulletAutomated backup for unattended system backups.

AutoWise is divided into Four basic modules.  Each one of these modules contains the necessary submenus to allow data to be entered, viewed or printed.

Certain menu choices are data bases .  Other menu choices are used to add or modify those data bases.  All functions are fully integrated and require no follow-up or batch processing.

Menu Items may not appear in the same order as on the User's screen since menu options are User defined.

The four AutoWise basic modules are:

AutoWise Service

bulletService Orders
bulletService Reminders Letters
bulletStandard Orders

AutoWise Inventory


AutoWise Accounting

bulletAccounts Payable
bulletAccounts Receivable
bulletBank Deposit
bulletG/L Entries

AutoWise Maintenance

bulletClose Month
bulletClose Year
bulletAutoWise Menus
bulletAutoWise Users
bulletSystem Parameters